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A personal injury accident is an accident that results in injury to your body, mind, or spirit. Whether you are walking in your neighborhood or a passenger on a bus, any type of accident that results in harm can be considered a personal injury accident. While property damage can also be part of your personal injury case, it’s not always the focus.

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Not every personal injury lawyers is indifferent to your pain or too important to return your phone calls. Our team of lawyers strive their best to be compasionate of your situation and considerate of your needs. We understand you have already been through a lot, which is why we make it our priority to make your personal injury accident case / claim as stress-free as possible.

Here is a brief list of just some of the personal injury practice areas we cover:

To learn more, complete the contact form or call our toll-free number and speak directly to our legal team regarding how we can help you recover your damages, simply complete the contact form on this page or call Toll-Free (877) 274-8672 & schedule a free legal consultation immediately with a highly experienced personal injury lawyer  and find out what your case could be worth.

Common types of injury cases our lawyers cover
Car accidents
Whether you are the driver or a passenger, your personal injury should be covered by the at-fault driver. Learn how we can help you recover your personal injury damages.
Construction accidents
Construction accidents occur at an alarmingly high rate. Whether you are a worker or a passerby, you may be entitled to damages. We can help you recover that money and improve the quality of your life after the accident.
Mass Transit accidents
Across the country individuals are injured due to mass transit accidents. Most commonly, clients come to us after enduring commuter train and subway accidents with serious injury and mountains of expenses to show for it.
Pedestrian accidents
Traffic laws almost always protect pedestrians. Regardless of the circumstances, your injuries may be covered under personal injury tort law. Call us to find out if your physical and mental injuries should be paid for by the other party.
Truck accidents
Large vehicles can cause disaster on our roadways. Don’t be bullied by trucking corporations or truck drivers. The Lawyers through Accident Help Now are experienced in truck accident case law.
Motorcycle accidents
The injuries that arise from motorcycle accidents can often be lethal. Regardless of whether you wore a helmet and other protective gear, you may be entitled to money. Find out how.
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