07 March 2013

Legal Claims Against Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Manufacturers

transvaginal mesh lawsuits

Lawsuits are currently pending across the nation regarding the following products and manufacturers of transvaginal mesh and bladder sling devices:

  • Gynecare Prolift
  • Bard Avaulta
  • Boston Scientific Uphold
  • Boston Scientific Pinnacle
  • American Medical Systems Apogee
  • American Medical Systems Elevate
  • American Medical Systems Perigee

Some of the lawsuits allege that the manufacturers were aware of the complications that their products could cause, but they failed to adequately disclose or warn potential patients of these risks. Additionally, some of the lawsuits claim that the manufacturers intentionally omitted information regarding the significant risks that these products posed in literature to physicians, literature to patients and on their websites. Because women lacked the requisite knowledge to make an informed decision regarding their treatment, they were stripped of their ability to have informed consent. They often chose to have the mesh implanted because they were not made aware of the potential dangers. Many women have suffered as a result.

Class action lawsuits are also being filed by victims. These types of lawsuits allow multiple plaintiffs to sue against the defendants for a common injury sustained by the group. Having a class action lawsuit helps more victims seek recovery from the defendant.

Current lawsuits allege that the manufacturers of these products were negligent because they had a duty to the patients who would use these items, and they breached this duty by failing to properly design the devices or to warn patients about the inherent risks. Victims also argue that the manufacturers of these products should have thoroughly tested the mesh devices before placing potentially dangerous products on the market.

If you suspect that a manufacturer acted in a negligent manner, contact a skilled attorney at Accident Help Now at (877) 274-8672 for help with your case. There is a strict statute of limitations that you must file by in order to attempt recovery for your case. Don’t delay.

Compensation for Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Sling Cases

Victims who have sustained damages due to complications arising from the implant of transvaginal mesh or a bladder sling may be able to receive compensation for a variety of damages. Defendants may be ordered to pay medical expenses, both past and future. They may also be ordered to compensate victims for the wages that they have lost due to seeking additional medical treatments or while they were suffering from the pain caused by these products. They may be able to recover for a decreased quality in life, including damages for the loss of consortium and loss of companionship. They may also receive compensation for the pain and suffering that they endure. Sometimes, a victim’s spouse may be able to recover damages for the loss of consortium, too.

Transvaginal mesh cases are relatively new. Settlement agreements are often undisclosed to the public. Two transvaginal mesh cases have went to trial and resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts. The most recent verdict was for a claim filed against Johnson & Johnson relating to the Prolift product. The plaintiff was a nurse from New Jersey who had to have 18 surgeries. The jury found that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn patients and physicians about the risks of its products. The jury awarded a verdict over $11 million. The other case resulted in a $5.5 million verdict for a California woman and her husband. The woman had to have nine revision surgeries after receiving a transvaginal mesh. The product involved was the C.R. Bard, and the jury ruled against the company in July of 2012.

Legal Assistance with a Transvaginal Mesh or Bladder Sling Claim Transvaginal mesh and bladder sling cases are often complicated cases. Having legal counsel can help individuals who have been adversely affected by these medical devices. Experts may be retained to help explain how victims developed complications and how these complications resulted in the victims’ damages. If you or a loved one has been negatively impacted by a transvaginal mesh complication, call (877) 274-8672 for more information.